WP Content Resharer Pro

WP Content Resharer Pro is a powerful marketing automation plugin that automatically shares your content on a pre-defined interval to ensure you stay active on social media, increase your followers, and generate more inbound traffic.
  • Tweet Old Posts – Automatically tweet your content to Twitter.
  • Share on Facebook – Get more Likes and engagement by staying active on Facebook.
  • Post on LinkedIn – Drive traffic to your site from LinkedIn.
  • MORE INFORMATION: http://www.wpsite.net/wp-content-resharer-pro/

    WP Content Resharer Plugin

    The WP Content Resharer Pro is a comprehensive plugin designed to keep older, but still relevant, content alive on your blog. Increase your following with the WP Content Resharer Pro Plugin; it is the most comprehensive plugin for marketing automation with proven results that guarantee an increase in your traffic. Make sure your evergreen content is still generating traffic by automatically having them shared to your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts at set intervals. The plugin has many more features that further enhance a site owner’s ability to share older but relevant blog posts.

    Social Network Accounts

    An Account is a social media channel that you would like WP Content Resharer Pro to use to automatically reshare your posts. WP Content Resharer Pro plugin allows you to set multiple accounts and customize specific options for each Account.

    Global Messages

    Global Messages are one of the best parts of this plugin. This feature allows you to create as many pre-defined messages as you wish. When editing the message you will see a preview of the message structure content. Global Messages are optional and the plugin will still post to the social channel if you don’t have any. Custom Messages (per post) are specific messages to be used when resharing a post. You can define these on a per-post basis giving more uniqueness to your content sharing on social networks. Robots suck! Content Resharer Pro was designed to make your content sharing extremely human-like. Compliment this plugin with some of your own personalized tweets and watch the traffic drastically increase.

    Created by Experienced Webmasters

    We work frequently with large, high-traffic fashion, tech, sports, and gaming sites and some are running this very plugin. It simply works! We plan on adding more features to make Content Resharer Pro easy so don’t hesitate to purchase this premium plugin. If you have any issues, simply ask us on our support forum and we’ll handle it. Buy from trusted developers who stand behind their products. SUPPORT: http://support.wpsite.net/forums/forum/wp-content-resharer-pro/ If you want to see what else we’re up to, check out http://www.wpsite.net – And don’t forget to rate this item the 5-stars that it deserves.


    = 1.3 =
  • Fixed bug with LinkedIn not sharing content if Include Link is deselected
  • Fixed bug with getting the absolute path for a featured image when resharing content
  • Fixed bug with connecting Facebook account
  • Fixed bug with using file_get_contents, changed to CURL
  • = 1.2.1 =
  • Fixed bug with slider not showing from a jQuery conflict
  • = 1.2 =
  • Added new feature for automatic updates through WordPress admin backend
  • Fixed bug with how a random post was being chosen
  • Fixed bug with sharing on / off control
  • = 1.1.1 =
  • Fixed bug with title posting twice
  • Fixed bug with featured image not posting
  • Fixed bug with including link
  • Fixed bug with including featured image
  • = 1.1 =
  • Completely redesigned admin UI
  • Added new Message Layouts
  • Updated Custom Messages and Global Messages priority within message pool
  • Enhanced the Filters tab
  • Added a more intuitive method to connect social media accounts to Content Reshaper Pro
  • Provided better documentation of all account options
  • = 1.0.1 =
  • Updated plugin details
  • = 1.0 =
  • Initial release