WP ajaxTodo

ajaxTodo is a simple ajax and easy to do application for wordpress that works based on your wordpress configurations (no nothing to configure on the plugin). It has two modes of viewing your to do, one is the basic list view (allows you to sort by: Description, priority, date and time by default id) and another is the calendar view (allows you to see today, week and month tasks). The information are inline edited you just need to double-click on the cell to edit the event and tap “Enter” to be updated. Tasks are added on the same page with the bootstrap modal. When is the day of the task the application will remind you with the total task for that day and you can view them on the calendar. Tasks are added with bootstrap modal All users levels can use the application with their own personal information. This Wordpress plugin will load the appropriate language based on your wordpress language and it were translated by TranslatorPRO class. Languages Added to the plugin: - English (Default) - Portuguese - Google Translated: Espanhol, French (you can translate yourself to your language by following the language template and language code and it will be loaded automatically) Features:
  • Inline Edit
  • Bootstrap Modal to Add a To Do
  • Tasks List View
  • Tasks Calendar View
  • All WP users access levels
  • Completed Translated and Multiply Languages Powered by TranslatorPRO class
  • UTF-8 Ready