Wordpress Simple Ads Widget Tool

UPDATE: Version 2.2 is now out!!! support multiple ads & more carousel options settings. You can now add multiple ads in one page using widget or shortcode. The Wordpress Simple Ads Widget Tool is the easiest way to put your advertisement in your wordpress site. It has come with many features, such as calendar view, so that you can easily drag your ads to a certain date when the ads will start and end. no more login to your backend just to change the ads you can schedule them when ever you want to. Wordpress Simple Ads Widget Tool is equipt with full ajax with no refresh page, full reporting how many had click on the ads with graphical chart. it comes also with social sharing, you can choose what will be displayed on the front side ,customizable social icon. = 2.2 (23 jan 14) = Add Main Height add slider options add slider left position add slider right position add slider bottom position add slider top position add slider bottom to center position add slider top to center position = 2.1 (10 Jan 14) = Fixed Widgets overflow = 2.0 (30 December 13) = add functions for group ads Can add Multiple ads widgets and shortcode Add more settings options for carousel. Fix ads report title is not showing. = 1.0 (18 December 13) = Initial release version