Wordpress Display Bar

Wordpress Display Bar – Wordpress plugin for managing and displaying news/reviews type line items in your theme

Wordpress Display Bar (wpdisplaybar for short) is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to display and manage news item (along with links) anywhere on your Wordpress site. For example, this plugin will help you maintain a list of links to product announcements/reviews on your homepage, or showcase featured articles. These items are dynamically stored in the database and you can manage them through the Wordpress admin. The plugin comes with several preconfigured styles and is customizable via CSS.


  • Dynamically manage entries through Wordpress admin
  • Place anywhere in your Wordpress theme
  • Comes with multiple styles (default, dark, blue, green, etc.)
  • You can apply your own custom style

  • Changelog

    1.1 – July 4 2014
  • Added Feature: Retrieve latest threads/posts from vBulletin Connector (both plugins must be activated for this functionality)
  • Added Feature: Retrieve JSON data from external source and display
  • 1.0 – May 30 2014
  • Initial version and documentation completed