Ultimate Profile Builder


Ultimate Profile Builder lets users create and manage profiles on your WordPress site! It allows users to register on the site, fill out extra fields about themselves and upload profile images. Their profiles can be edited by the users anytime by logging into the profile area of the site. Users will also have an option to set privacy level. Site administrators can display member profiles as list or box view. The profile view will show image thumbnail, profile snippets and user posts contribution. All user activity takes place on the front end, and logging in and editing does not requires users to go into the dashboard area. This is especially important if you want your users to have a consistent experience across the website. Ultimate Profile Builder uses responsive layout and can snug inside your current WordPress template easily. Default theme is light, clean and professional, and will not look out of place on any site. Wherever possible HTML5 and CSS3 are used. Ultimate Profile Builder uses shortcodes to create different pages, which means it only takes few minutes to set up and integrate with your current site.


Below are the major features of Ultimate Profile Builder: 1. Custom Registration Page: For registering new users on your website.
2. User Profile Creation: For entering profile information.
3. Profile Image: Image associated with the corresponding user.
4. Extra Fields: Allows customization for administrators.
5. Integration of Profiles with Posts: To keep track of posts by a particular user.
6. Front End Login: To allow members to login to the site.
7. Members pages with 2 different views: Allow profile listing as tabular or boxed view.
8. Made in HTML5 and CSS3: Offers cross-compatibilty across all themes.
9. RESPONSIVE Layout: Offers cross compatibilty across mobile devices.
10. Light, Clean and Professional Theme: Accounts for high efficiency and performance.


Installation Instructions:
Quick Start Reference Guide: http://cmshelplive.com/products/Quick_Start_Guide_for_Ultimate_Profile_Builder.pdf

Files Included:

Plugin Files: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript JS


Extended 24 hour support related to any information or issues for Ultimate Profile Builder is available. Technical help-desk URL: http://www.cmshelplive.com/