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Modern SEO Optimization with Professional Social SEO Tool

Search Engine Optimization is the key for the websites to get real popularity and traffic. In the past years, the importance of social networks are hardly increased. The top search engines evaluate the website for the aspects of backlinks and the the social shares as well. The aim of this plugin to gather all important datas to one place including backlinks number, social shares, keywords density analysis and much more useful informations to increase your website success in the challenge of these days.

Real time analysis for the 8 biggest Social Networks!

All informations real-time and doesn’t save or store any datas in the database, therefore it is clean and safe. You can check any webpage one by one, all of them has a differents shares and likes, but usually the main page is the strongest.

Keywords Density Checker to make your pages perfect

The keywords density checker is strongly recommended to use, with this feature you can build your pages and posts effectively.

Automatically check XML Sitemap

The plugin help you to check the XML sitemap, it will be automatically display the generated page numbers if the sitemap exist. It is a must be plugin for every Wordpress Users, who want to understand, track and increase the traffic of the own website.


  • get shares and likes counts from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, VKontakte
  • inbuilt Website Structure Analyzer (check headings, links, images, etc.)
  • keyword density checker
  • Google Sitemap checker and analyzer
  • check Google pagerank, backlinks, indexed pages, last visited time
  • check Facebook likes, links in comments, share counts
  • Alexa global rank, country rank, site speed score
  • ajax loader to avoid long reloadings
  • real-time analysis
  • animated pie charts
  • clean and safe, doesn’t use any database queries
  • you can analyze any page of your website one by one
  • full detailed documentation
  • check top keywords in the content with words counts and percentages
  • works with all major browsers
  • Important!
    This tool always analyze the given URL, when you analyze the domain name it isn’t collect all data from the subpages. It will be analyze the main page of your website separated from the subpages.


    It is very simple, just share the following link on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere : (replace yourusername to your Codecanyon username)
    When you refer new users you’ll receive 30% of their first purchase or cash deposit! For detailed informations about the referral comission, click here.

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    I owe a big thank you for the following websites:
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  • Webpage Values