SMS-Locker WordPress plugin

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This plugin is made to earn money with WordPress web site or blog. It’s reality that people have more mobile phones than credit cards, which means millions of possible payers. Depends on your content. SMS-Locker uses cookies to remember visitors, no need for additional sign ups and logins. User just hits the button, pays and will be able to see all content. The plugin uses Fortumo SMS payment service, and allows payments up to 74 countries. When in use, plugin hides the content of the site after you enter [sms_locker] short code into your post or page. Content before the shortcode will be visible. Hidden content will be available after the easy payment via an SMS. Just install, configure, and earn money. Sample page is located here. Sandbox version is located on SMS Locker Demo page.


  • Easy to install, no coding skills required
  • Easy to use with shortcode
  • Easy payments for visitors, no registrations
  • Uses cookies to remember visitors
  • Hides the content for visitors, your named BOTS/SPIDERS can see the entire content(for SEO)
  • Cleans up SMS-Locker data from the database when you uninstall the plugin
  • Localized in four languages ??(en, de, en, fr), the POT file is included for further translations
  • accompanying documentation to install and use

    Good to know

    Do not use this plugin with the WP Super Cache plugin or with similar plugins. Turn them off, just in case, those can cache payment page and visitors can’t see full content after the payment. Also, be sure to use only other jQuery based plugins which are programmed using noConflict () method. Those can be “Sharebar” and some sliders and so on. Since the plugin uses Fortumo widget, it loads its own version of jQuery into your page header. Fortumo is written in javascript noConflict() method! SMS Locker Plugin adds some options and two additional tables into your database. But this plugin is gentelmen, cleans it all up after deinstallation Remember to remove [sms_locker] from your content when you have to uninstall this plugin(visitors will see that otherwise). Before you buy, please verify, that Fortumos services are availible in your desired countries. Evry country has their own Rules and Restrictions for services, please read carefully. For both previous cases visit Fortumo.


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • php5+
  • PDO enabled from server for database