Showoff is a Wordpress plugin offering an attractive way to show projects on your website.

Highlight Features

- Change any font by using Google Fonts (Over 600 Fonts)
- Change hover, buttons, background and text color
- 7 Different animations: FallDown/ScaleUp, FallRotate/FadeIn, Rotate Scale, 3D Flip, Super Scale, Center Flip and Random
- Change the number of columns or number of images displayed
- Add or remove spacing between images
- 2 Category filtering styles: All Visible and Standard
- Responsive layout
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From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse and pick the Showoff archive file. Click “Install Now” button. Click “Activate Now” after the plugin has been installed. A new menu should now appear in your Admin Menu called “Showoff”.

Adding Categories

From your Admin Panel go to Showoff -> Categories -> Create New Category. Enter category name and click “Save Category”.

Adding Projects

From your Admin Panel go to Showoff -> Projects -> Create New Project. Full the required information and click “Save Project”.

Displaying the plugin on the front-end

The plugin uses the shortcode [showoff] to display the front-end content. From your Admin Panel create new Page or Post and type [showoff]. Shortcode examples: [showoff] [showoff title="Our Projects"] [showoff cat=1,2,3 title="Our Projects" cols=4 spacing=0 perpage=8] cat – Category ids (visible in the admin) to display separated by commas (optional)
title – The Plugin Title
cols – Project Columns
spacing – Space between projects (units – %)
perpage – Projects to display per page Please note the images used in this preview are for demo purpose only and are not included in the package! Changelog: March 13 , 2014 - Version 1.05
- Added option to display images in 100% width if the description content is empty.
- Added keyboard arrow navigation for the images in the inner content.
- Added option to hide share links in the lightbox.
- Added option to disable the lightbox.
- Added focus offset option to adjust screen focus more precisely.
- Added javascript check for empty fields in the admin area.
- Color picker fields in the admin area inherit the values as background color.
- Bug fix where colors may not apply to the front-end.
- Bug fix where sometimes flickering may occur in Chrome.
- Added us_EN .po file for translation (admin and front-end).
- Added GET variables showoff_page, showoff_project, showoff_cat so one can now build direct link to category, page and project. showoff_project – Project ID
showoff_cat – Category ID
showoff_page – Page number
Link example: http://localhost/index.php?showoff_cat=0&showoff_page=2&showoff_project=1 This link will force the plugin to browse all categories, go to page 2 and to open project with id number 1 February 7, 2014 - Fixed bug where text is sometimes saved with backslashes.
- The plugin is now using the new media uploader that comes with Wordpress version 3.5.
- Inner description is now div (instead of paragraph) and can read shortcodes.
- Image preview black background now has z-index of 9999.
No SQL changes. February 4, 2014 - Bug fix where the project was re-ordering itself on Project Update. The order number will now stay the same.
- Bug fix where the the plugin may not work properly if the project description has LI tags.
February 1, 2014: - Changes in version 1.03.
- Added new option in general menu: Project Hover Style (Title / Icon). This option enables user to choose whether to display project title or “eye” icon only on thumbnail hover.
- Hover title is vertically centered no matter the title length. The title text will scale to 12 pixels if the plugin’s width is between 640 and 320 pixels.
No changes in the SQL tables January 30, 2014: - Fixed bug where during category creation the user may encounter “SQL Error: Field `ordering` doesn’t have a default value”.
- Fixed bug where the plugin may encounter “SQL Error: FIND_IN_SET is not a function”. January 28, 2014: - New in version 1.02 – 2D and 3D hover effect
- Adjustable hover opacity through the admin panel
- Project title added to the hover element
SQL tables are unaffected. January 27, 2014: - Bug fix where the number of columns are not read correctly on initialize and by default are set to 3.
- Read more button should not have underline on hover anymore.
No changes to the SQL tables were made. January 25, 2014: - Hotfix where the plugin was not taking its width correctly on initialize. SQL tables were not affected so you can copy directly over the old plugin. January 23, 2014: - Browser will now focus the project inner content on project expand. Simply overwrite the plugin. No SQL changes were made. - The shortcode will display at the correct position instead staying always at the top of the post/page. - Projects can now be placed in multiple categories. January 19, 2014: - Added color options in the admin panel for Plugin Title, Project Title and Inner text color. Fixed problem where the plugin won’t work on servers with PHP version < 5.3.