Press Ticket System – WordPress HelpDesk Plugin

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  • Press Ticket System (PTS) is help desk software. You can use PTS to provide support to your customers. It is a software suite that enables customer support or support desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests.
  • PTS builds on this definition of help desk software by creating a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations.
  • PTS enables conversations via web, email. No matter how your customer contacts you, PTS centralizes all communication so nothing gets ignored.
  • Integrated with Woocommerce.
  • Demo
  • User: manage
  • Password: manage
  • Key Features

  • Web-based – accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and touch devices.
  • File attachments – post documents, screenshots, PDFs … all file allow to upload by WordPress Editor.
  • Security – different user roles and security permissions (technicians can be assigned to different areas, no customer sees someone else’s data, etc)
  • Permission: Limit to access Ticket Function.
  • Prevent Spamming by Recaptcha.
  • Alerts and Notices (Alerts and Notices sent to staff on ticket “events”) with 2 events
  • Alert sent out on new tickets
  • Alert sent out when a new message, from the user, is appended to an existing ticket
  • Login Form included: The customer can quick access to Ticket Board by login via this form.
  • Email templates: available with 3 template
  • New Ticket Alert – Alert sent to staff, if enabled, on new ticket.
  • New Message Alert – Alert sent to staff, if enabled, when user replies to an existing ticket.
  • Response/Reply Template – Template used on ticket response/reply.
  • Debug tool: used for testing before get it work, if there have any error or warning, it will show on and you can fix it as the suggestions.
  • API support.
  • Changelog

    10/28/2013 – V2.2.1 [Fix] Loading Ajax Url [Fix] Remove bootstrap CSS. [Fix] Showing Form/Ticket list, fix shortcode. [New] Integrated with Woocommerce. 10/07/2013 – V2.0 [New] Loading Language. [Fix] Removing Quicktag editor. [Fix] Searching user. [Fix] HTML email sending. 04/29/2013 – V1.0 Initial Release