Photo Grid

Photo Grid for WordPress is simple to use plugin that combines slider and gallery in a single product.


  • Responsive
  • Size adjustable
  • Supports multiple instances
  • Uses shortcode to display the front-end
  • jQuery driven
  • Installation

  • From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse
  • Pick the PhotoGrid archive file
  • Click “Install Now” button
  • Click Activate Now after the plugin has been installed
  • A new menu should now appear in your Admin Menu called “PhotoGrid”.
  • Displaying the plugin on the front-end

    To display the plugin simply add the shortcode [photogrid] to the page or post.

    Shortcode Examples

    [photogrid] [photogrid album=1,2,3] [photogrid photo=1,2,3] [photogrid album=1,2,3 photo=1,2,3] [photogrid width=640 height=480] <?php photogrid::enqueue_scripts(); // place before wp_head(); hook echo do_shortcode("[photogrid]"); // place where you want to display the html part ?>