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Drag and Drop Drag and drop events and 450+ icons right onto your calendar and move them into any dates Over 450 Retina Ready Font Awesome Icons Use over 400 font awesome icons in events and on your calendar Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays. Unlimited Calendars Create as many independent calendars as you need and find them using a calendar manager Recurring/Repeat Events Repeat events daily, weekly and monthly with inclusion and exclusion dates and lots of veriations Google Maps Use Google maps by simple providing an address to your event Custom Styling Change event style from per-format bootstrap colors, custom colors, icon and size Daily events view Daily events view with draggable time slots Themes Includes Light and dark themes. More themes will become available for purchase (cheap) Responsive Design Works on all devices WYSIWYG What You See (backend) Is What You Get (frontend) Fully Translatable Easily translate to any calendar into any language. You can have for example 5 calendars all in different languages AJAX Powered No page refreshing on either admin panel or browsing the calendar on your website Custom Week Start Set the week starting day to any day of the week NO Coding Required You will not need to know any programming. You simply drag, drop and click

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NEX-Events is a high quality and simple to use drag and drop events calendar. Drag over 450 font awesome retina-ready vector icons right onto you calendar. Repeat events daily, monthly or yearly with exclusion and inclusion dates with lots of variations.
  • Drag and Drop
  • Over 450+ Font awesome icons
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Recurring/Repeat Events
  • Google Maps
  • Responsive
  • Custom event styling
  • Daily events view
  • Retina Ready Icons
  • Fully Translatable
  • AJAX Powered
  • Custom week start
  • Light and dark themes
  • NO Coding Required
  • Duplicate Event Function
  • Bootstrap integrated web elements
  • Cool Effects
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Fun and easy to use admin panel, very very easy to use!
  • Includes Documentation
  • One time purchase

    You only buy once and get the updates for free, always

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    Change log

    Version 1.0 First release.