Live Event Feed with Instagram photos & videos

“Live Event Feed with Instagram” let’s you to create live photo+video feeds from event places. Smartphone+Instagram app are enough to create live feed in your WP website.
Get and install the plugin, make your website ready to do live event feed whenever it is needed. And viewers can watch your live event feed via mobile&desktop browsers. You can make such live timelines with 1. Given hashtag. In this case everybody can send photo to your stream. For example if you are in party with your friends and everybody shares photos&videos related to party and you want to make live page for this collective stream, so this case is recommended. 2. Given username. In this case only you can send photo&video updates to your website live stream page. If you are making live updates from any event, this case is recommended. Dear buyers, if you meet any problem with using the plugin, don’t worry, just write your problem to comment section, we quickly respond to comments. Requires: PHP CURL (Most hosting providers support it) V 1.1. Changelog: 1. Documentation edited – to explain some steps more clear. 2. Added Firefox, IE compatibility.
Support email: support at guaven dot com