iMenu - Restaurant Tablet and Mobile Retina Menu

iMenu is a Wordpress Powered Menu system specially designed for Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels. We developed iMenu with Woocommerce and qTranslate. With jQuery Mobile’s latest version iMenu fits all of the popular mobile devices. iMenu system allows you to replace your old fashioned paper menu with High Tech iPad devices (or other Tablets). You can also, use this system with QR codes so your customer can review your menu in their smart devices. They can choose their language and send their orders easily. You can also follow your orders in the Woocommerce Admin Area and send the order to the printers. You can just click to one button and your kitchen printer will print the order. This way your staff will not waste time for checking order, or giving orders to the kitchen or bar.      

Key Features

  • Multi Language support with qTranslate
  • 5 Predefined Color Layouts
  • Option to activate/deactivate Sale
  • Retina Ready
  • Add unlimited product category
  • Add unlimited products
  • Product price and product discount price
  • Receive orders on your Admin Area
  • Specially designed for iPad, iPad Retina, iPad Mini and iPhone
  • Print orders easily.

    Be Extended

    iMenu is beyond a simple Wordpress Mobile Theme. This system specially designed for Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels. We know being a known brand is very important for your company. We provide free installation service for our Extended Licensors. And there are more. We provide WPMU supported version for Extended Licensor. If you are an Extended Licensor, simply contact us with our email on our profile. We also make free WP cache settings with special optimization for increasing the performance to the higher levels. This will make your menu load very fast.  


  • Improve Service Quality
  • Your staff will not be wasting time for waiting orders
  • Tourists will not face to any confusion. Because they will be reviewing your menu in their language.
  • Avoid order conflicts. Your customers will order what they want.
  • Your staff can always check the orders
  • Print the order in your Kitchen or Bar Printer


    This is not a simple Wordpress Theme. This is a complete system with a lot of functionality. This system requires ;
  • Medium Level Of Wordpress Knowledge
  • Understanding English
  • Woocommerce Knowledge
  • qTranslate Knowledge
  • If you are not sure if you can install and use the system, you can contact us via our email on our profile for more information about our Installation Service Fee.  


    We provide basic help with our Support Forum. If you want to get more professional help, you can contact us via our email on our profile to learn more about our Exclusive Support fees.  


  • FontAwesome
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Woocommerce
  • qTranslate
  • Meteor Slider
  • WP Retina 2X
  • Foundation
  • Zurb