HTML5 Geolocation with Address decoding

HTML 5 Geolocation provides you a more robust solution for getting the User location. In addition to providing the coordinates of the user, this library also helps you with their Address & mapping their location with just a single line of code. This works by extending the HTML 5 supported browser’s Geolocation APIs so it even works in your existing HTML4 websites. Geolocation library handles the fallback gracefully if the browser doesn’t support geolocation or the user denies to provide access so you rest assured that your webpage is not going to fail in any case. Geolocation library is a Stand alone, light weight library which is 1 KB when gzipped and can be used without any supporting libraries like jQuery or Moo Tools. Works on IE9+, Chrome, Firefox & Safari, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad Note: Safari geolocation work’s on WiFi