HTML5 Face Builder

This application allows your members to create their own Faces (or avatars). The script generates a result image which can be used wherever you want (your website or any other social network) Features
  • Small size (lightweight)
  • Minimalist design
  • 6 different tunable parts
  • Every created face image has a unique filename (jpg)
  • Detailed documentation (about installation and params) is included in the product
  • Included Avatar Parts
  • 24 x Fringe (24 colors)
  • 12 x Eyebrows (24 colors)
  • 12 x Eyes (24 colors)
  • 12 x Mouths
  • 8 x Tops (24 colors)
  • 6 x Skin colors
  • Change Log: Version: 1.0.2 — The following features were added: send result image via email, automatically remove old photos (older than 2 days). Version: 1.0.1 — The following features were added: download button for image, select avatar background color, graphic loader during the image generation. Version: 1.0.0 — Release