Groups2Mailchimp - Groups Mailchimp Integration

Groups Mailchimp Integration. Synchronizes itthinx’s Groups plugin with MailChimp. Select MailChimp list and a group and automatically new groups and users are added to this mailchimp group.

Basic usage

Once the plugin is installed, enabled and configured, it begins to run.

Opt-in confirmation

You can choose one or two opt-in confirmation. 1 .- When a new user registers, must accept “Subscribe me to Newsletter”. This option also is in the checkout page of WooCommerce. 2 .- With “Need confirm” option indicates whether Mailchimp is going to send the user a confirmation email.

Mailchimp Subgroups

When you create a website’s group, a Mailchimp’s subgroup is created. When you delete a website’s group, the Mailchimp’s subgroup is deleted if exists. When you edit a website’s group, the Mailchimp’s subgroup is edited if exists.

Mailchimp Subscribers

When you add a website’s user to a group, then Mailchimp create a subscriber to this subgroup. When you delete a website’s user of a group, Mailchimp unsubscribe this user of this subgroup. When you edit a website’s user, Mailchimp’s subscriber is edited if exists, else subscribe this user.


When you synchronize, all existing groups and their users are created in Mailchimp service, if they don’t exist.


= 2.3 =
  • Optional “Subscribe me” message and condition.
  • More eficient synchronize (thanks @endloop_claudio)
  • = 2.2 =
  • Added “Force Synchronization”. Synchronizes users regardless of opt-in options.
  • = 2.1.1 =
  • Fixed synchronization bug.
  • = 2.1 =
  • Changed Synchronize: If the user has not subscribed, then he will not be synchronized.
  • Setting: “Save” now saves and tests, checking if API Key, list and groups are ok.
  • = 2.0 =
  • Synchronize uses “Need confirm” option.
  • Added double opt-in confirmation. New checkbox in registration form and woocommerce checkout form.
  • = 1.0.0 =
  • Start version. Synchronizes Groups with MailChimp.
  • Plugin page & video preview
  • Documentation page
  • Groups plugin
  • Mailchimp page