Flexible Front-End Posting Forms


Flexible Front-end Posting Forms Plugin allows you to create unlimited Front-end Posting Forms with both free and paid guest posting with separate settings for each form . You can easily add your desired custom fields to front-end Posting forms and receive those custom fields into your Post editor . Users are allowed to add/edit/delete there submitted Posts from front-end. Admin can manage all the entries from wordpress dashboard while users can manage it from front-end. Easily On/off options panel to create posting forms. Apart from these features this plugin have all the required features like anonymous posting,payment,recaptcha,tagging,category selection(both single and multiple),inbuilt login,email notifications and many more which a guest posting plugin must have.


Front-End Demo



Other Features You may like

Ajax thumb and multiple file Upload. Note :- At this moment ajax file upload does not work with anonymous posting . It also does not work well on android device . Get all the submitted post details including custom fields into post metabox along with the option to display custom fields table on front-end. Easily display custom fields before or after post content like this.

Feature request

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  • Changelog

    - version 1.0.8 with one bug fix related to inbuilt login. - version 1.0.7 with single and from-to datepicker , improved design , improved localization and many minor improvements. - version 1.0.6 with dynamic tagging support. - version 1.0.5 with improved design of frontend posting forms. - version 1.0.4 with some css changes. - version 1.0.3 with ajax thumb upload with ajax file upload. - Version 1.0.2 with support for existing post custom fields. - Version 1.0.1 initial release after approval.