ez Schedule Manager - WordPress Plugin


ez Schedule Manager is a WordPress plugin which allows you to manage incoming schedule requests. In case you offer contact requests or simple booking on specific dates or times, this is the right plugin for you. Guests are able to view your public schedules where they can choose their own time for requests. Admins have an overview of their schedules with all public requests in a week.

Live Demo

Username: demo
Password: demo


  • Manage incoming requests
  • Add, edit and delete public requests
  • Add your own private or public requests
  • Blocked times for lunch breaks!
  • Choose available days in a week
  • Set earliest and latest entry time
  • Set entry duration
  • Email notifications
  • A few examples

    Photography studios: let your customers schedule their photo shootings online. Private teachers: make individual lesson plans for students. Insurance companies: customers can “book” their contact person for comfortable appointments. And many more! Increase your customers satisfaction with ez Schedule Manager.


    In order to update the script, you may need to de- and reactivate the plugin again. Version 1.2c
  • Language encoding fixed (“weird” characters are now displayed correctly)
  • Backend options small bugs fixed
  • Updated to momentjs v2.6.0
  • Version 1.2b
  • Frontend week started with sunday, not monday, falsely.
  • Version 1.2a
  • Email content hotfix
  • Form elements can now be added or removed.
  • Version 1.2
  • Multiple calendars can now be used on one page
  • Backend blocked times fixed
  • Browse weeks fixed
  • Manually enter (new) entry data in backend
  • Display schedule only (no submitting allowed for public users)
  • Restrict guests to submit certain hours ahead minimum
  • Custom submission message
  • Clear all entries within a schedule added
  • Improved backend UI
  • Version 1.1
  • Admins are now able to add multiple block-times (ex: “10:00-12:00,13:00-14:00”)
  • Display of date and day names can now be toggled
  • Option to allow/deny users to browse weeks added
  • Fully responsive now: admin can enter how many days are displayed before a line break. CSS breakpoint added as well (840px).
  • Spam-check fixed
  • Scroll-bug fixed
  • CSS issues fixed