Event Booking Pro - WP Plugin [paypal or offline]

Admin DEMO:
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  • Unlimited Events
  • PayPal Integration
  • Offline Booking
  • Quantity Booking – (new – v1.2)
  • Responsive Calendar Shortcode
  • Responsive Carousel shortcode – (new – v1.1)
  • Responsive Event Box shortcode
  • Responsive Event Button shortcode
  • List Events based on filters (eventBoxes) – (new – v1.1)
  • Coupon System – (new – v2.0)
  • Multiple Tickets Systems – (new – v2.0)
  • Event Reoccurence – (new – v2.0)

  • AJAX Control Panel
  • 300+ Settings
  • Change Currency, trigger features on and off – (new – v1.1, updated 2.1))
  • Sandbox integration
  • Offline booking form customization – (new – v1.2)
  • Every thing is customizable, from text ,color,size,padding,borders,border radius and much more.
  • Integrated Email Templates – (updated – v1.2)
  • What Buyers are saying?

    ‘Much appreciated! You sir, rock! This plugin not only visually looks better than anything else out there, but also works better and has a great back end setup that’s easy to use and understand, especially for the non-coder. Everything is customizable.’ -arcadence
    Unbelievably good support, I mean it’s better than good, it is perfect. Some software that I’ve spent 20 times as much money on don’t compare.
    And the plugin works perfectly!- Wendorff
    ’... MoeHaydar provides excellent support and the plugin works flawlessly …!’ -BabyFlash
    ‘Thank you! the plugin is awesome, and so as your support!’ – nilo
    ‘I purchased the plugin. It really is a great tool!’ – bconley
    ‘Beautiful plugin and awesome support! Thanks a bunch!’= lushcreative


    Event Box

    Event Creation



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    Change log

    v2.2.1 October 21, 2013 -------------------------------- Bug with paypal payment fixed (quantity) v2.2 ------------------------------- More Responsiveness! v2.1 (October 6, 2013) ------------------------------- Added Coupons and Multi Tickets Enable/Disable button New date and time picker Minor bug fix ---------------------------------------------------- V 2.0 (September 22, 2013) ------------------------------- Coupon Integration Multiple Dates for same event Multiple Tickets Dramatic change in frontend, now all buttons will open a modal (pop-up) where users can customize their ticket Back-End enhancement Shortcode generation CSV Integration ---------------------------------------------- V1.2 -------------------------------- Email Support Added Email Special Message Added Email Template in Settings page Booking Added Quantity Booking, now you can choose how many spots to book. Changed how the plugin handles bookings. Now all bookings will open the modal. If No-Paypal was selected a booking form will appear If Paypal was selcted a pay button will appear that will take to paypal Added the ability to customize the booking form Added 2 extra fields: Address and Phone -------------------------------- V1.1 -------------------------------- Added 3 shortcodes Carousel Shortcode with filterable content (Passed/Upcoming/All) Event list Shortcode with filterable content (Passed/Upcoming/All) UL List Shortcode with filterable content (Passed/Upcoming/All) Made Sandbox easier to use Added Currency Support