Envato User Dashboard Wordpress Plugin


Please go to Wordpress Envato User Dashboard for check out demo action.


Wordpress Envato User Dashboard use Envato API to display all information from user to my Wordpress.
With Wordpress Envato User Dashboard, you can Grab all Envato portfolio to wordpress, settings automatic send email when balance change, control use affiliate in item link.
Other, Wordpress Envato User Dashboard provide widgets direct get new item from Envato branchs with grid and list layout and shortcode show all portfolio from user.
With many above features, hope you will enjoy. Don’t forget rating for this item if you like.
  • Auto send email notification when balance change.
  • Auto grab Envato portfolio to wordpress and send email notification.
  • Display Envato User stats as statements, Recent Sales and Earnings & Sales by Month.
  • Control use Affiliate in item link or no.
  • Provide widgets new item from Envato branchs with grid and list layout.
  • Provide shortcode show all portfolio from user.
  • Use Envato API get direct information of items.
  • Support for newest wordpress version.
  • Screenshots

    Email notification when balance change
    Email notification when grabbed new portfolio
    User Dashboards
    Shortcode display list Portfolio
    Widget with Grid layout
    Widget with List layout

    Change logs

  • 05/06/2013: Version 1.0.1 released.
    + Fix some small bug and add some new functions.
  • 01/06/2013: Version 1.0 initial release.
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