Envato Item Display Affiliate Wordpress Plugin

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1. Introduction

This is a Wordpress Plugin, help You make money with Envato maket’s affiliates. When the users clicks items, they will be redirected to that item’s envato marketplace page, if they buy it, You will receive 30% of their first purchase or cash deposit. For more details http://codecanyon.net/make_money/affiliate_program Plugin will auto grab popular items, new items or your items from Envato marketplace:
  • codecanyon.net
  • themeforest.net
  • activeden.net
  • audiojungle.net
  • videohive.net
  • graphicriver.net
  • 3docean.net
  • photodune.net
  • Demo http://wpoffice.net/envato/

    2. Install

    Support Widget, Shortcode
  • Unzip the file
  • Copy wp-envato-affiliates folder to wp-content/plugins
  • Go to Plugins/Installed plugin, find WP Envato Affiliates and click active
  • Go to Settings/General enter your Envato Account, Outlink (For redirect, count, click … etc)
  • You can create a shortcode to embed on posts/page by Shortcode General Feature.
  • Example

    Version 2.0

    Custom Items [envato_items id=4650134,4555293,4446743 class=] Search Items [envato_searchitems site=codecanyon cat=wordpress key=wordpress|php class=]

    Version 1.0

    Popular Items [envato_popular site=codecanyon show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=themeforest show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=activeden show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=audiojungle show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=videohive show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=graphicriver show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=3docean show=30 class=] [envato_popular site=photodune show=30 class=] New Items [envato_newitems site=codecanyon cat=wordpress show=30 class=] [envato_newitems site=themeforest cat=wordpress show=30 class=] Your Items [envato_myitems site=codecanyon user=phpface show=30 class=] [envato_myitems site=themeforest user=phpface show=30 class=]

    3. Changelog

    V2.0 – 28/05/2013 [update] [Fixed] show content - shortcode. V2.0 – 07/04/2013 [New] Custom Items (Widget and shortcode) [New] Search Items (Widget and shortcode): Items search with category and sub category V1.0 – 05/04/2013 - Updated