Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder

Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder gives you the ability easy and fast to create custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs linked directly to your current WordPress site. If you can create something in Wordpress, you can now do it in Facebook with Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder for Wordpress. Latest version 1.2.3 from November 18, 2013 with new feature: Facebook Application Manager (full change log can be seen at the end of page). A new feature of Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder is available: Easy Facebook Contests provided from separate plugin.


Easy Facebook Contest

This is demonstration of Easy Facebook Contest plugin for Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder.

Why I need such plugin?

  • Facebook can make your brand go viral.
  • Easy access to thousands of new potential customers.
  • Drives Traffic to Your Website.
  • Improves your SEO.
  • Create strengthens customer relations.
  • Create amazing promo campaigns and attract new fans.
  • Easy promote your special deals, products, services, events.
  • Fan Gate is a quick and easy way to utilise the power of Facebook to grow your brand, get ahead of your competition and spread your company’s message for very little effort.
  • Share Gate – a quick way to make your page popular (new from version 1.1)
  • Facebook Sweepstakes – one of easiest ways to increase number of fans or your mailing list with potential new customers.
  • Facebook Application Manager – allows you to manage unlimited applications and fan tabs from one WordPress installation (new from version 1.2.2)
  • Facebook Contests – allows you easy to run unlimited number of Facebook Contests. This function is provided from Easy Facebook Contest plugin which you need to purchase separately.
  • Features

  • Easy integrate into your current WordPress site and start delivering content
  • Create Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages
  • Create Fan Pages quickly with easy to use Page Builder
  • Works with your 3rd Party Plugin your have installed
  • Create amazing pages with advanced design options
  • Fangate – display different content for fans and non-fans
  • Sharegate – display specific content only when users share your page
  • Integrate Facebook comments, send and like with easy to use shortcodes
  • Facebook Sweepstakes and Giveaways
  • Facebook Application Manager
  • Advantages of Fan Gate function or why a Facebook Page needs to have a fan-gate

    A ‘fan-gate’ (otherwise known as the ‘reveal tab’, ‘like-gate’ or ‘fan-only’ content) is Facebook functionality that enables marketers to display one type of content to fans and another type of content to non-fans. This ‘hidden’ content may be a:
  • Discount Voucher
  • Free Download
  • Exclusive Video or Images
  • Insider Information
  • Or anything else your company has to offer.
  • It is aimed at encouraging people to ‘like’ your page and become a fan. Example of fan-gate function you can preview in live demo

    Advantages of using Share Gate

    When you are using Share Gate function, your fans will need to share your message or page to unlock content. The message can link to your fan-page or to page you select and all of their friends will see it. Easy way to get more fans for your page.

    Advantages of running Sweepstake promotions

    Facebook users love sweepstakes, because they get a chance to win something with almost no efforts. Sweepstakes are one of the best ways to increase Facebook page engagement, spread the word about your brand, and grow your fan base or mailing list substantially. Combining sweepstakes with other marketing tools like fan gate and share gate can increase your fan base very quick. Pro’s of using a Sweepstakes:
  • Low barrier to entry (simple form completion)
  • Can work for a wide variety of industries
  • Easy receive key user information, important for future marketing such as e-mail or location
  • With Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder you can easy ran Sweepstakes with only a few clicks. For full review of features please refer to documentation link at the bottom of this info.

    Live demo

  • Font end demo can be found at Easy Fanpage Builder For Wordpess Facebook page
  • Back-end demo can be seen here (username: demo, password: demo). Please note that back-end demo is not connected to actual front end preview. In back-end demo Facebook settings page is disabled – you may preview this part in screenshot section.
  • Documentation

    Please see the Easy Facebook Fanpage Builder Documentation to preview all of the features and read for special requirements that plugin require to work.

    Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder Extensions

    Easy Facebook Contest


    ver. 1.2.3 (November 18, 2013) - Fix installation problem in latest WordPress versions 3.7+ ver. 1.2.2 (November 5, 2013) - Added Facebook Application Manager to store and run unlimited applications and custom tabs - Fixes in Page Builder render - Share Gate fix while rendering in Internet Explorer 10 ver. 1.2 (October 30, 2013) - Added Facebook Sweepstakes ver. 1.1 (October 18, 2013) - Added new marketing tool “Share Gate” - Added clone page function to Page Builder - Fix for work with Shared SSL - Minor fixes over Page Builder work