Booki - A booking plugin for WordPress

The Demo

+Front end demo. +backend demo Demo resets every 1 hour and it is also limited in what can be done.

Booki—A modern booking plugin for WordPress

About Booki Booki allows you to create bookings with time that adapt to customers timezone. Lets say you are located in Asia or America and the customer viewing your booking is located in Europe. Booki will calculate the time differences and show the time to your customer in the customers local time. Cool eh ? Booki has a built-in forms builder complete with validation and bells and whistles. This means you can create solutions to almost any type of booking system. Booki lets you create optional billable items. If your booking requires that the customer have a range of optional services, you can create them with associated costs. In Booki, not all days need to have the same cost. The cost you set can vary by the day. Your customers get a history page where they can view past bookings, make payment directly for pending bookings or cancel a booking within a time range you control. Editors in Booki can manage bookings. They get a “Bookings” page in their dashboard where they can cancel or confirm bookings. We have around 24 calendars you can pick from! You can get people to pay you later by sending out invoices to solicit payment after booking. Did you know that both the front-end and the back-end are responsive in Booki ? We love to listen to new ideas. Everybody has expertise in their specific fields. We recognize and respect that. If a feature you request makes sense to have in Booki, we will add it and make it available in an update. Updates are free by the way and we’ve only gotten started! You can create any sort of booking with Booki, only limited by your imagination

No outlandish claims. No pseudoscience. Just straightforward, perfectly balanced booking application at an unbeatable price.

  1. Make reservations
  2. Make appointments
  3. Time adapts to customers timezone
  4. PayPal payments and refunds. Additionally customize your PayPal page with custom logo and styling
  5. Cart system for purchasing multiple bookings. Include in your pages via shortcode or widget
  6. Include a booking in your pages via shortcode or widget
  7. Include booking “listings” with thumbnail and description along with search filter via shortcode or widget
  8. Customer views complete booking history
  9. Customer can cancel booking
  10. Customer can settle unpaid bookings directly from their control panel
  11. Customer can make booking and pay later (gets an invoice)
  12. Admin can create up to the minute bookings
  13. Admin can include/exclude specific days or time when creating a booking
  14. Set separate costs by the day or time periods
  15. Add extra billable items to your bookings whose cost adds up to the booking total
  16. Admin and Editors can Approve bookings
  17. Admin and Editors can Cancel bookings
  18. Admin can refund bookings
  19. Admin can receive email when bookings are paid for
  20. Admin can receive email when new bookings are made
  21. Create discount coupons and email to user directly
  22. Mass create discount coupons and export to MailChimp along with user info
  23. Create new bookings and email them to a new/existing user directly
  24. Solicit payment by sending invoices for unpaid bookings
  25. Customize the various email messages the system sends out to customers
  26. Supports 24 jQuery UI calendar themes out of the box. Additionally make calendars flat and borderless or add your own theme
  27. All templates can be customized by uploading only the changed template directly to the themes folder
  28. Supports only English out of the box but you can provide your own translation as .po files
  29. Export bookings, users and coupons separately to CSV files
  30. Booking statistics of total bookings, total amount earned, total discounts given, payments made count, payments pending count, refunds count and view bookings, sales and refunds made in the last 3 months.

Change set 1.2 – 19/04/2014

  • +NEW FEATURE: A range picker for bookings. We now have 3 types of calendar modes you can choose from; Popup, Inline and Range. The selected range of days get inserted into the custom list.
  • +NEW FEATURE: Added option to select multiple time slots at the same time
    We now allow a select list* or a dropdown list for time slots selection.
  • +Fixed the carts total count from incrementing when an item
    – was added that’s already been booked.
  • +Fixed bug in the “Booking period” tab.
  • +Bookable time slots get generated on select element change now as in original design.
  • +Fixed any conflict that can occur with other plugins when we reference third party libs like PayPal, MailChimp and TCPDF.
  • +Fixed a bug where the booked day was getting selected by the calendar even though it was disabled.
  • +When an item is removed from the selected days list,
    - the min/max dates are displayed in the respective calendars correctly.
  • +Booking was always disabled on the final day. We now take account of the last day as well.
  • +Disabled backspace on booking calendar fields.
  • +Calendar and all relevant fields now remain disabled when all available days are added to cart.
  • +Improved appointment based bookings. Reworked some of the logic to ensure a better workflow and clarity.
  • +Now, when the current selected date has no time slots, the next date that follows is automatically selected.
  • +If all bookings are exhausted and there are no time slots left,
    - the booking reflects this and displays a message
    - as opposed to showing a disabled calendar. Now you just see a message.
  • +Fixed progressbar when timeslots are loaded via an ajax request.
  • +Fixed some inconsistencies in the timezone switcher.
  • +Checkout button was enabled, even when there were no items added to cart. Fixed.
  • +When deleting a project, the orders table remained orphaned. This is fixed now.
  • +Minicart had clickable icons in the dropdown. This doesn’t work well with dropdowns.
    -Icons in minicart don’t popup a dialog with additional message now.
  • +Stopped time in minicart from breaking into a new line.
  • +Fixed cart page layout on Firefox.
  • +Applied scrollbars to minicart in case we have too many items in them.
    -Now if the dropdown list of the minicart gets longer than 500px, a scrollbar is added.
  • +Added some preformatting classes in Booki which you can use with the form builder
    - eg: booki-align-left, booki-align-center, booki-align-right etc
  • +Refactored code.
  • +Updated language files.
  • +Updated template files.
  • +Updated documentation
  • Change set 1.1 – 15/04/2014

  • +Upgraded the simple booking cart to a rich one.
  • +Now it lists all booked items in a dropdownlist.
  • +You can remove items from the cart.
  • +It is always visible even when there aren’t any bookings.
  • +It remains disabled when there aren’t any bookings.
  • +Created a better workflow for adding items to cart.
  • +Added a new add to cart button to bookings.
  • +Now the checkout button only takes you to cart
  • +The add to cart button adds an item to cart, visible in the booking cart.
  • +Now the checkout button only takes you to cart
  • +The add to cart button adds an item to cart, visible in the booking cart.
  • Fixed css styling of the “Book now” and “Proceed” buttons in the checkout page.
  • +Fixed a bug in Appointment bookings which had time slots.
  • +Fixed a date formatting bug when chosing a shortdate format other than default.
  • +Appointment bookings now disable days in the date picker when one is already added to cart.
  • +This is a workflow improvement to the previous version.